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“Can machines think?”

Cambridge educated mathematician Alan Turing posed this question in his 1950 paper, ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’. He was the first to introduce his concept, what is now known as the Turing Test, to the general public.

John McCarthy coined the term 'artificial intelligence' or AI. His life’s work was to help others understand what AI actually meant. McCarthy developed the computing language LISP, the main computing language used in the development of AI.

Little did these great men know at the time, the profound effect AI would have on mankind in the near future. Mankind had a storm coming, a biblical sized cosmic event that would change the world forever.

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About the author

Derek John Lilly was born in the UK in 1963 and he was raised in Plymouth, England. He is a fully trained and apprenticed mechanical/marine engineer. He is also an ex British soldier.

Derek is currently the CEO of Dream Doors Brand in Australasia and North America. Dream Doors is a large, very successful kitchen refurbishment franchise business. He currently lives and works in New Zealand with his family and has recently become a New Zealand citizen.

He has had a lifelong love of the game of football/soccer and has coached many teams. Although he secretly now admits to a passion for the game of Rugby!

This is his first novel.

Author Derek Lilly
Author Derek Lilly




"Anyone who loves a great story will enjoy this book, especially if they like the Sci-Fi genre."

~ R. Prout